We Feel Very Comforted Having You All Only a Phone Call Away

I am 80 years old, do not drive anymore but do not feel alone or lost because I have PACE and the wonderful angels giving me help with cleaning and shopping. Through this whole mess of the coronavirus pandemic, we have felt VERY comforted having you all only a phone call away. Many of our friends here who do not belong to PACE tell us of the problems of not getting their doctor for answers or even unable to get their meds. Someone from PACE has called me every week checking to make sure all is fine or do I need anything. Some friends have even felt stranded but not us PACE members. Bless you all for taking such good care of us. We don’t feel forgotten.”

– Gladys J., Hope PACE participant

I Would Like to Relay a Huge, Sincere Thank-You for Your Awesome Organization

Susan and Jim were excited for an upcoming getaway when his jaw began to swell. Knowing they couldn’t leave town without a dental visit, they called their Hope PACE Member Services Specialist to schedule an emergency appointment. Luckily, Cheryl was able to arrange one for Jim that very day, but unfortunately, Susan’s car broke down too! Knowing that Hope PACE might still be able to help, Susan called back to explain her dire circumstances. Transportation Coordinator Karen quickly jumped on the case, and our driver, Maria, swung into action making her way to the stranded couple in the rain. The team saved the day, and Jim still made it to his dental appointment on time!

 “I would like to relay a huge, sincere thank you for your awesome organization. We are so grateful for all that you folks do for us! We just do not say “thank you” enough – so thank you! I do not know what we would do without the help we receive from Hope PACE. We are blessed to be served by you!”

– Susan, Jim’s wife and caregiver

We LOVE the Hope PACE Center, It’s the Best Thing That’s Happened to Mom

“Thank you all for such a fun, amazing event! I attended the social with my mom, Fay. From beginning to the end, I couldn’t have imagined a more enjoyable evening than this. It started with the politest driver picking us up promptly at 4:15 for transport to the social event. The Care Center was decorated so beautifully. All the staff members were courteous and friendly. The music was a blast. It was very organized and so much fun.

 Thank you, Hope PACE, for making this year’s Valentine’s Day one to always remember, it certainly was special. A memory I will have forever!!! I loved meeting her friends. We LOVE the Hope PACE Center, it’s the best thing that has happened to Mom.”

– Carol Battista, Fay’s daughter

It’s a Wonderful Thing to Be Involved with Hope PACE

“It is just such a wonderful thing to be involved as a member with Hope PACE. The service I have received in the last couple of years was extraordinary. Your programs and people are the greatest to be imagined. I want to thank you and every single person involved with Hope for the magnificent job they do. God bless you all, my friends.”

– Rich B., Hope PACE participant