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Samira K. Beckwith Headshot

Message from the CEO

“Our comprehensive services ensure every need is met, whether it’s health care, a warm meal, or a hand to hold. Families take great comfort in knowing we are there for their loved ones.”

– Samira K. Beckwith, President and CEO

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide client-centered holistic long term care to frail elderly individuals while supporting their core desires for dignity, autonomy and the ability to maintain a degree of independence.

Over 40 Years of Caring

Hope PACE is a program of Hope Healthcare, a community-based agency, nationally recognized as a leader in providing high-quality, innovative care.

Hope PACE was formerly known as Hope Select Care.

Avoiding Hospitalizations

The Dangers of Hospitalizations and Emergency Rooms for Seniors

PACE participants, individuals with chronic disease and aging adults are more vulnerable to infection than the general public. Hospital- acquired infections are especially dangerous.

When seniors are hospitalized, they lose strength rapidly, and they rarely recover completely.

Hospital emergency rooms are filled with infectious organisms. Children and adults cough, sneeze, fail to wash their hands and contaminate counters, chairs, tables, pens, and door knobs. Snack machines and reading materials are other places for bacteria and viruses to live. With an average wait time of 4 to 6 hours, most people will use a bathroom in the ER, increasing the risk of spreading disease.

Hope PACE Helps You Stay Safely at Home

To minimize potential serious infections, PACE can help you stay away from the emergency room and the hospital.

As a PACE participant, you can get quick medical help with a simple phone call. You will receive direct support in your home, and avoid getting sick in the emergency room.

Participants can call Hope PACE 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for urgent needs.