Your Care Team at Hope PACE

A group of dedicated and experienced people will work with you and your caregivers. Once enrolled, your Care Team will provide all of your primary care.

care team

  • PACE Physicians oversee your medical needs and direct your care. 
  • Nurses are responsible for your overall medical needs and work closely with the PACE physicians.
  • Home Care Coordinators coordinate the services offered in your home, including your personal care and medical equipment.
  • Dieticians make sure your food and nutritional needs are met. 
  • Personal Care Aides assist with your practical needs, like bathing. 
  • Social Workers may help you find resources, answer questions about your insurance and finances, and have discussions about family and emotional issues. 
  • Activity and Recreation Therapists encourage you to meet other PACE participants, teach you new crafts, play games and take you on field trips. In other words, they are the wonderful people who dream up fun things for you to do. 
  • Drivers are the people who pick you up and bring you home. They may also drive you to field trip outings or take you to an appointment with a medical specialist.
  • Transportation Coordinators schedule your travel time; they let you know if your driver is running late or if there is a problem.
  • Center Managers are responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Hope Care Centers. 

Sometimes, the Care Team feels an additional, specialized type of care is needed, and will make arrangements with hospitals and other care providers in the community.