Medical Specialists

medical specialistHope PACE partners with other providers when necessary to meet all of your health care needs. This care may include specialists in fields such as:

  • Cardiology - care for your heart
  • Dermatology - treating skin, hair and nails
  • Gastroenterology - help with the digestive system
  • Nephrology - care for your kidneys
  • Oncology - medical care for cancer
  • Ophthalmology - help with your vision and eyes
  • Otorhinolaryngology - ear, nose and throat care
  • And others as necessary

After your enrollment, these specialities are fully covered by Hope PACE, but these services must be pre-approved by your Care Team. Your Care Team will make sure you have an appointment with a specialist who is a trusted member of our provider network. All members of our provider network are licensed, certified, and/or credentialed as required.