Nutrition: Myrtle's Success Story

nutritionMyrtle was seriously struggling with her weight when she joined Hope PACE three years ago. Already weakened by a diagnosis of COPD, Myrtle was burdened with the additional stress of being obese. She required oxygen and became confined to a wheelchair.

At Hope PACE, Registered Dietician Janet Calderwood came up with a plan to help Myrtle lose weight and regain some of her mobility. She met with Myrtle’s husband and daughter to come up with a family plan. She helped by numbering snacks and demonstrating how to use measuring cups to figure out proper portion sizes. Janet kept in touch with Myrtle with helpful reminders about eating healthy foods.

After losing 40 pounds, Myrtle was able to reduce the amount of oxygen she needed. She was also able to walk again, and she wasn’t stuck in her wheelchair. Her family was so proud of the changes she had made.

Janet said, “It makes you feel so good when you make a difference in someone’s life. It didn’t happen overnight, but she seriously improved her health with proper nutrition.”