Meals and Nutrition

The Importance of Senior Nutrition

nutritionGood nutrition is important for everyone, but it’s especially critical for seniors. When older adults don’t eat regular, healthy meals, they lack energy, feel confused and may be at a greater risk of falling or injuring themselves. When poor meal habits get out of control, older adults can experience a worsening of disease or debility.

Older adults who don’t follow their special diets are also at risk for medical problems. For instance, someone with cardiac disease may eat a salty, high-fat diet which can worsen their condition.

Meals at Hope PACE

Hot, nutritious meals are served in a comfortable group setting, and special dietary needs are easily accommodated. Your personal preferences will always be an important consideration for your meals at Hope PACE.

Our nutritionists will help you make appropriate food choices for any medical conditions or health issues you may have. You can receive further help understanding food labels, food safety and other topics on food education. We can help you plan grocery shopping trips and outline menu ideas for meals at home.

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